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Youth Soccer Program

Date: 18 Apr, 2021  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Soccer in Kenya is a passion for the kids. FDI aims to provide holistic solutions to the kids we support and this includes giving the children better facilities and kits for their passion, Soccer, Netball or other sports. FAP girls soccer, Gikambura

Sanitary Towels For Girls

Date: 21 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Dedicated to helping our girls to never miss a day in school.

Clothes For All

Date: 21 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

A big thank you to the Kenya-Pitt Diaspora On June 21 2015, Dago tots received clothes,  toys and books thanks to donation from the Kenya in Pittsburgh Diaspora group. When asked to help these kids with some very basic things that we take for granted, the Diaspora group responded positively and donated small tot books

Soccer Passion

Date: 21 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

We think, dream, talk, live, plan, watch and cheer soccer. It is our passion.We connect, volunteer, train, donate, mentor and help kids in need. It is our Mission.

Female Assistance Program

Date: 14 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Provide sanitary and hygiene supplies to needy girls while mentoring them. 50 girls are participating with a target expansion to 100. 3 sanitary towels per girl per month.

Educational Fund

Date: 14 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

This Cause supports and sponsors bright needy kids at risk of dropping out of school because their parents cannot afford school fees. FDI identifies such kids from our projects to further help kids succeed over difficult situations. Kids have benefited from $100 to $150 in school fees sponsorship.

Other FDI Development Projects

Date: 14 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Dago Village Project A Youth soccer and Village Library program to help energize community kids around sports and education. The Village Library when operational will be the only one in a whole location of well over 50,000 people. Currently the Library has around 200 curriculum text books kept in a volunteers house. Initial target is