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Kaudha Program

Date: 01 Mar, 2023  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Kaudha Program

Community Outreach

Date: 21 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Farova has gone far and beyond in the community outreach, we not only work with the community in Kenya but in USA as well. Moving Forward For the last three years Farova Developmental Initiative has been working closely with families in Kenya. Farova has been supportive of various youth projects with an aim of making

Dago Village Project

Date: 14 Oct, 2015  No Comments  danoz Owitiz

Update Info… Toys For Tots: Toddlers need toys as well, right? so this project is for them. A big thank you to the Kenya-Pitt Diaspora On June 21 2015, Dago tots received toys and books thanks to donation from the Kenya in Pittsburgh Diaspora group. When asked to help these kids with some very basic things