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  • Full Name:Emmanuel Mbithi Musyoki
  • Expertise Area:Marketing FMCG, Copywriter
  • Professional:Sales and Marketing, Copywriting
  • Skills:Sales and Marketing, Copywriting

‘Salome -not her real name- missed school this past week because she can’t afford sanitary pads. This happens every month and it’s affecting her grades. Her friend and next-door neighbour in the slum area where they live has not had any meal in the past 24 hours…’ Familiar? Such poverty stories touch my heart. I can relate because I grew up poor. Raised up in Eastlands’ Government Quarters along Jogoo Road in Nairobi. Both my parents held subordinate jobs with the Government. We could barely afford the basic needs… Fast forward to the here and now. I’m in the business world. I run Tammati Services Ltd in Nairobi. And I’m also into Digital marketing as a Freelance Copywriter. Disclaimer: I’m not rich yet, but I can now afford those basic needs. My heart is touched by poverty stories like the one above… in which too many people still can’t afford the basics. That’s why I accepted a suggestion by Dr. Charles Muiruri, my schoolmate all the way from primary to secondary, to join Farova. It’s a platform through which I can offer a helping hand to the needy, not just with the basics but also in even more positive ways. Because my LIFE MISSION STATEMENT goes: Touching other people’s lives’ positively, inspired by Stephen Covey in his book; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.