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  • Full Name:Dan Owiti
  • Expertise Area:Info Tech
  • Professional:Project Management
  • Skills:IT Project Management, System Analysis, Agile Frameworks
  • Phone:4125197507

Born Kisumu, raised in Kapsabet, grew up in Nakuru, worked in Nairobi and now in Pittsburgh and the journey continues. Am an avowed believer in community organization for common goals, especially when the goals are to prop up the whole community. Sports, especially soccer, is a passion in most Kenyan communities but with an acute lack of facilities and kits. Girls are often left out of educational and sports programs for the sheer fact that they are girls. These are wrongs I believe we need to right. Most important is a belief that our youth deserve a chance to play sports and excel in their academic and social lives as long as they work hard and maintain the discipline to achieve their dreams, be they boys or girls. I am big on lending a hand to those who need a chance to succeed. Kids and the youth can get that shot for success in life if we, the adults in the room, do the much we can to give them resources they need to succeed. Simple things like books, clothes, toys, cash donations, volunteers or just joining and supporting the Farova cause will go a long way. Make my day .. Give Farova a good idea, give Farova your support, donate to Farova in kind, material and cash, or just like Farova in facebook or tweet us. You will make the difference without knowing, one boy or girl at a time, one village at a time. Thank you and God bless.